Garlica Co., Ltd specializes in manufacturing black garlic and black garlic foods and pharmaceuticals. With the mission “Bring safe food to society, community, protect human health, protect the environment, create sustainable value for the future”, Garlica has researched and created products. from black garlic as a supply chain of products that are both delicious and healthy for consumers. Taking a MORALITY as the root of business, put the word MORALITY in each product to bring the best, most delicious, safest products to the community and enhance the value of Vietnamese life. Garlica Co., Ltd. wants to bring high nutritional products with the motto: “Garlica – Quality makes brand“.


We started Garlica with a passion for a product that takes advantage of the available raw materials in Vietnam, bringing health to users, solving the abandonment of abundant agricultural fields in the North when people have to work in industrial zones, we think of garlic, think about black garlic, a product available in Vietnam market which is not too new, but has not yet formed a habit of Vietnamese use. We hope to bring black garlic not only as a supplement but also to every family kitchen, even gift packs.

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Health is always the most valuable asset of man. Only when responsible, trust and commitment to the quality of products and services can guarantee the value brought to health care for consumers. We recognize our responsibilities and obligations in protecting the public health and are always committed to complying with our commitments to customers, partners and society in accordance with the philosophy of “Giving and Receiving” and contributing. the part that brings useful products to health, brings more beautiful things to the public health …


Garlica black garlic is produced on an industrial scale with a large capacity and modern equipment, along with GMP, ISO 22000: 2018 manufacturing processes that can completely solve the core issue that we are interested in. , which is bringing the greatest benefit to customers. Garlica black garlic from the raw material to the final stage is always strictly tested, classified according to its own selection criteria, with an external sensor control panel to accurately track specifications such as temperature and the moisture until the standard fermentation time ensures the creation of valuable active ingredients and high nutritional content until the finished product is uniform quality black garlic. Garlica black garlic has a black branch, has a sweet-smelling, soft, no pungent and unpleasant smell of fresh garlic, easy to peel and does not stick hands.

Black garlic is considered as a functional food that is now widely used in countries. According to Assoc. Dr. Tran Dang – President of Vietnam Association of Functional Foods, black garlic has 5 most prominent uses.


– The first use is the antioxidant effect because in the composition of black garlic there are many antioxidants, especially SOD enzymes (Superoxide dismutase), SAC, vitamins, especially the trio of vitamins, vitaminA, vitamin E, vitamin C.

– The second use is the use of antibiotics because in black garlic is very rich in the content of S-allyl-cysteine, is a very good antibiotic, it is resistant to bacteria, viruses, multi parasites. cell and other unicellular.

– The third use is for cardiovascular effects, the biological active ingredients in black garlic reduce cholesterol, reduce blood fat, support the treatment of people with high blood pressure.

– The fourth use is hypoglycemia, increasing insulin sensitivity, which is effective in treating diabetes.

– The fifth use is anti-tumor, preventing cancer.

In addition, black garlic also has the effect of strengthening the immune system, resistance, supporting treatment of liver diseases such as liver tumors, fatty liver, arthritis pain relief, physiological enhancement, beauty ….

Garlica Black Garlic is a perfect choice to protect the health of you and your loved ones. Garlica Black Garlic works just like other types of regular black garlic, but it also has the difference that has a higher content of bioactive substances leading to a more powerful and effective effect. Garlica Garlic has gained the trust of all customers across the country with all ages.









Garlica Black Garlic is manufactured using self-contained Japanese technology so it retains moisture and nutrients of garlic, creating a lot of nutrients when used. By modern production process, Garlic lonely black garlic retains its black color, uniformly colored, not crumpled but still retains the sweetness, suppleness, and aroma of garlic. And Garlic’s black yeast is entirely from the essence of fermented garlic. From the fermentation process, it forms black garlic, which brings many nutrients that are very good for preventing respiratory diseases, improving cardiovascular disease, liver and kidney function, lowering cholesterol and regulating. blood sugar, block tumor, ….



Beauty Care Function from GARLICA Black Garlic Juice 


Sick Treatment Functions of GARLICA Black Garlic Syrup