We started Garlica with a passion for a product that takes advantage of the available raw materials in Vietnam, bringing health to users, solving the abandonment of abundant agricultural fields in the North when People, home to work in industrial zones, we think of garlic, think of black garlic, a product available in Vietnam market which is not too new, but has not yet formed a habit of Vietnamese use. We hope to bring black garlic not only as a supplement but also to every family kitchen, even gift packs. From that idea, a belief began to form. Right after that, we researched and created not only black garlic but also products from black garlic such as: black garlic cake, black garlic wine, black garlic syrup, black garlic juice, black garlic chili sauce … As a supply chain of products that are both delicious and healthy for users.

We understand that, in order to one day Garlica become a big brand, present in stores, be a precious health gift, present in domestic and international supermarket chains, which are loved by Customers The delicious and quality products that we have brought always need to try harder to meet the increasing demands of the market.


What is black garlic?

Black garlic is a simple food with a great taste. Black garlic has a sweet taste, satisfying taste, and a soft, pliable texture similar to a soft dried fruit. Moreover, it is a very good supplement for health.

What is the use of black garlic?

Free radicals are molecules containing single electrons, destroying cells and being the source of over 80 different pathologies. Black garlic acts as an antioxidant, reducing the amount and preventing the multiplication of free radicals, preventing related diseases.

Control blood sugar, prevent complications

Garlic helps control blood sugar, increase insulin sensitivity and improve blood fat disorders in people with type 2 diabetes

Blood pressure stable

Black garlic has the effect of eliminating free radicals, antioxidants and reducing the concentration of MDA antioxidants in plasma, helping to stabilize blood pressure after 14 weeks.

Reduce blood fat, protect the heart

Black garlic contains S-allycyl-L-cysteine, Alline, Isoalliin … helps increase the elimination of cholesterol and reduce the absorption of bad cholesterol through the intestinal membrane, thereby reducing blood lipid levels.

Stimulates digestion, increases resistance

Black garlic is referred to as “Super Garlic” which enhances the immune system and resistance due to its high nutritional value: Rich in SAC, Polyphenol and up to 18 amino acids

Limit aging, reduce stress

Thanks to its superior free radical scavenging ability, black garlic helps prevent aging, reduce stress, protect nerve cells and enhance memory.


Black garlic is a great product, but a good product that is not used properly will not work. The core issue of a product we are always interested in is bringing the greatest benefit to our customers. This is the difference that all types of black garlic on the market do not have that with 100% natural fresh garlic ingredients and a modern production process of ISO 22000, Garlica black garlic not only retains elements. The beneficial microelement of S-allyl-cysteine ​​of raw garlic, but also eliminates unpleasant garlic taste. With many days of fermentation, garlic becomes sweet and soft without irritating the user. Along with that is the ability to detoxify from black garlic, helping customers solve health problems, improve resistance.



Garlica black garlic is produced from lonely garlic bulbs without preservatives, anti-termite and chemicals during cultivation in Kinh Mon, Hai Duong.