1. Introduce about the company

We started Garlica with a passion for a product that takes advantage of the available raw materials in Vietnam, bringing health to users, solving the abandonment of abundant agricultural fields in the North when people have to work in industrial zones, we think of garlic, think about black garlic, a product available in Vietnam market which is not too new, but has not yet formed a habit of Vietnamese use. We hope to bring black garlic not only as a supplement but also to every family kitchen, even gift packs. From that idea, a belief began to form. Shortly thereafter, we researched and created not only black garlic, but also black garlic products such as: black garlic cake, black garlic wine, black garlic syrup, black garlic juice, black garlic chili sauce. .. as a supply chain of products that are both delicious and healthy for users.

We understand that, in order to one day Garlica become a big brand, present in stores, be a precious health gift, present in domestic and international supermarket chains, which are loved by Customers The good and quality products that we have brought always need to try harder to meet the increasing demands of the market.

2. Vision, mission, core values


Garlica strives to become a food production company, especially the leading black garlic products and black garlic products in Vietnam, known by the international domestic market.


Bring safe food to society, community, protect human health, protect the environment, create sustainable values ​​for the future

Core values:

Taking the TAM as the root of business, put the word TAM in each product to bring the best, tastiest and safest products to the community and improve the value of Vietnamese life.
Learn: to be creative and become more complete

Collaboration: creating opportunities and adding value to ourselves and customers and partners