Noodle has become a specialty, a rustic dish, idyllic famous at home and abroad. GARLICA BLACK GARLICA is also very good for health, good for people with cardiovascular disease, blood pressure, diabetes and blood fat, liver enzymes …

1. Preparation phase

GARLICA BLACK GARLICA NOODLE is produced on a closed line and modern machinery, the main source of raw material is GARLICA pure rice flour and black garlic.

Rice flour: Must choose delicious rice, for a long time, wash rice very gently, how to both clean and ensure rice dust is still stuck on the grain. After that, soak the rice with water until the rice is sour and plump, take out and drain, then put in the blender. Must be pureed rice, rice grains mixed with water
into a fine, white powder. To create color and increase the blooming, the required ductility.

Black garlic: Is the main source of raw materials, pureed with pure water to form a powder.


2. Production phase.

– Mix rice flour and black garlic powder with enough clean water to produce a mixture of flour to ensure smoothness and flexibility.
– Putting the dough into the machine system to coat the cake so that the amount of dough is evenly dispersed, the amount of heat during burning just makes the cake soft, smooth and even when the grill.
The bread is spread on a cork and brought to the room to dry.
Once dried, cakes are collected, stacked, cut into small pieces and put into sealed plastic bags to ensure quality and shelf life.