Garlic black garlic juice is extracted 100% from pure black garlic. This product helps the body to effectively absorb the beneficial active ingredients in GARLICA black garlic such as antioxidants, help prevent the formation of tumors, protect the liver, prevent radiation poisoning, prevent diseases. respiratory tract, anti-aging and increase physiology of male.

1. Preparation stage:

– The material is taken from Garlica black garlic, select the quality garlic and high plasticity then put in the machine to remove the outer shell.

– Red apples are allowed to choose soft, sticky and fragrant fruits and then separate the apple’s seeds.

2. Production phase:

– Put apples and garlic in the steamer so that the ripeness just comes to keep the nutrients high.

– When the garlic and red apples are soft, put them into a puree to starch.

– Mix the starch with a sufficient amount of sugar and put in the juicer to get water.

– After the water has been pressed, put into the distillation bay to remove the smell of garlic cage. Always keep at the right temperature to ensure nutrients in the juice and retain the strong aroma of black garlic and red apples.

3. Package:

After being tested for quality standards, Garlica black garlic juice is packed in small bags and stored in a cool, dry place.