1. Preparation stage:

GARLICA BLACK GARLIC is an alcoholic beverage fermented from black garlic. Black garlic wine is made from pure black garlic, the raw material is taken from GARLICA BLACK GARLIC and naturally fermented. Because black garlic has two natural properties, sugar and yeast, it undergoes a process of becoming wine.
GARLICA BLACK GARLIC is a sophisticated product that begins with deciding the best time to bring the garlic to the oven, so that the garlic will ensure the right amount of acid and sugar, for processing. Be wine and the color of wine as desired. In addition to the preparation of raw materials for garlic, the system of machines, incubators and technical workers always ensure food hygiene and safety, avoiding contamination in the fermentation area.

2. Garlic grinding phase.

Remove the garlic clove initially. This process is carried out through a machine system. The garlic kernel is finely ground and steamed to a suitable temperature before being added to the yeast wool.


3. Fermentation and tempering stage

GARLICA black garlic is combined with the right amount of yeast, sufficient sugar and purified water source, keeping at an average temperature of 10 -120c for a certain period of time to ensure intact nutrient content and solid fragrance. black garlic.
GARLICA wines are fermented in stainless steel tanks with a closed process at 15 – 20 0c for 10 – 15 days.
In order for GARLICA black garlic wine to achieve the harmony and stability of taste and quality, the wine has been aged for 6 to 9 months to make the oxygen work slowly. During the brewing process, the technician regularly monitors the temperature and alcohol content to meet quality standards and ensures the strong flavor of black garlic wine.

4. Bottling process

The bottling line is completely closed, the process of bottling requires caution to avoid oxidation. Hygiene is an indispensable factor to avoid infection with sour bacteria and all other bacteria harmful to humans.