2. Fermentation stage:

* Put the dried garlic in the garlic tray, then put in the machine to start the fermentation process.
– For high temperatures from 20 to 30 weeks to release the pungent odor of garlic, create uniform moisture and eliminate beneficial microorganisms during fermentation.
– Give an average temperature of 5 – 10 days to keep the moisture stable for the sugar and garlic to turn brown.
– Lower the temperature by 7-10 days for the active ingredients antioxidant to gradually increase content and reach optimal levels. During this period, the gut of garlic will turn completely black, so it is necessary to remove the moist, black skin.
– For very low temperatures to dry garlic from 5-7 days. The obtained black garlic has a light skinned color, black garlic flesh, has the sweetness and aroma of dried fruits.


1. Preparation stage:

* Garlic ingredients:

– Fresh garlic is rigorously selected according to quality standards
– Garlic is harvested directly in farmers’ fields and gardens in Kinh Mon and Kim Thanh districts of Hai Duong province and then transported to the factory.
– Choose the old garlic, uniform size, intact, not crushed or scratched.
– Rinse with ultrasound machine, ozonate and drain dry.

* Garlic making machine:

– GARLICA black garlic making machine has a weight of 01 ton, completely installed on modern Japanese technology. The machine has an automatic system, has an electronic board on the outside of the machine to monitor the temperature and monitor the entire metabolism of garlic.


3. Biological ripening stage:

– After the fermentation is completed, the garlic will be put into a special room to complete the fermentation process, helping the garlic retain its quality and ability to preserve garlic for a long time.
* After each production process, garlic has been very carefully classified, eliminating broken shells that do not meet standards. GARLICA must undergo a quality control process from a qualified medical unit before it is packaged. * Thus, GARLICA black garlic is made according to a completely natural process from 45 to 60 days depending on the size. garlic. The color of garlic gradually brightens and turns dark brown then black. This is a completely natural product without preservatives or additives and very good for health.